Welcome To Demon School ! Iruma-Kun, Volume 37, Chapter 347 : Welcome To The Moebius Art Museum

Iruma mastering a new demon spell in the latest chapter
Silvia uncovering a hidden artifact in the demon world
Azazel Ameri showcasing her formidable powers in battle
Iruma and Asmodeus Alice embarking on a daring adventure
Valac Clara discovering a mysterious portal in the forest
Iruma and his friends enjoying a peaceful moment in school
Silvia delving into ancient demon lore for her research
Iruma confronting a rival in a fierce duel
Asmodeus Alice unleashing a powerful attack against enemies
Iruma navigating through a treacherous demon dungeon
Valac Clara experimenting with new magical potions
Iruma showcasing his talent at the demon school festival
Silvia deciphering an ancient demon prophecy
Iruma and his friends facing off against a powerful foe
Asmodeus Alice training Iruma in advanced demon techniques
Valac Clara exploring the depths of the demon world
Iruma uncovering a long-lost artifact in the demon realm
Silvia discovering a hidden chamber in the demon castle
Iruma and his friends embarking on a quest to save the demon world

Asmodeus Alice and Valac Clara teaming up for a dangerous mission


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Final volume of 'Iruma-san Manga': Experience the thrilling conclusion of this beloved series by Osamu Nishi. Discover the fate of Iruma and his demon companions in this epic finale.


The Exciting Story Of Our Hero Continues in “Welcome To Demon School! Iruma-Kun / Mairimashita! Iruma-Kun”, Chapter 348




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